Both Roger Morrison, MD and Nancy Herrick, MA, PA, DH (H) specialize in homeopathic treatment. The primary focus of treatment at the Hahnemann Medical Clinic is constitutional homeopathy. The practitioner spends typically two hours in direct interview seeking to understand the health problem as well as the body type, the emotional nature and energetic aspects of the patient. Frequently several more hours are needed in analysis of the information obtained before the practitioner is able to choose the homeopathic medicine most suited to the patient. Homeopathic treatment is beneficial in a wide variety of medical conditions – from simple allergies and inflammations to life-threatening disorders. Purely surgical conditions and genetic disorders are less often benefited.


Nancy Herrick, MA, PA, DH (H) also focuses a great deal of attention on nutrition. Using the work of Dr. Weston Price as a basis for a healthy diet, Nancy has found that nutrition plays an important role in both physical and emotional well-being. She employs dietary recommendation as well as a wide range of vitamins and supplements in treatment. Patients may ask for nutritional consultation with or without homeopathic treatment.

Skin Care

Dr. Herrick is also able to guide patients in the use of natural and organic skin care products. These products are useful for the treatment of acne and other cosmetic conditions as well as to prevent premature skin aging.